Metabolic Health & Lifestyle Quiz

When it comes to metabolic Health, it is surprising how much is involved! Food choices, metabolism, gut health, exercise, sleep, stress, mental health, and more - as well as age, gender, and genes - all these shape your unique metabolic health.

Unlike perhaps other conversations you’ve had, we want this one to be different. Too often health is defined by a few, narrow factors while other important aspects of wellness go unattended to. And yes, typically, things like body mass index, weight, waistline, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation are measured as key indicators, and they should be. They are significant and relevant ways to track important details. But so is how you FEEL.

Self awareness is key to improving your metabolic health. Rate yourself in these important metabolic categories. Check the box for each question that best applies.

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I have a healthy relationship with food and eat only when I am hungry.

My appetite feels balanced. I don't over/under eat.

I feel satisfied after I eat a balanced meal, not continuing to crave food afterwards.Text

I am free from persistent food and/or sugar cravings.

I don' t eat a lot of processed or junk foods high in sugar or carbs.

I have recently had my blood sugar tested and it is in the normal range.

I don't get light headed or dizzy if I don't eat for an extended period of time.

My energy levels don't crash in the afternoon or after eating a meal.

To my knowledge I maintain proper insulin sensitivity.

I have a healthy thirst response and feel satisfied after drinking a glass of water.

I am seldom “hangry”.

I consume little to no alcohol.

My thinking is clear, quick, and sharp, and I rarely experience brain fog.

I have good mental energy.

I make decisions and solve problems with ease.

I have a good memory, retain information, and have good recall.

I feel generally intuitive and confident about my gut instincts.

I maintain healthy focus, concentration, and can stay on task.

I maintain cholesterol levels in a healthy range.

My personal heart health and history are good.

My heartbeat is regular and appropriately rapid as expected during exertion.

I maintain healthy blood pressure.

I maintain healthy circulation and temperature in my extremities.

I don’t have spider/varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

I appear to be aging gracefully with minimal gray hair, wrinkles, and age/liver spots.

I feel younger than my age.

I take quality supplements designed to target cellular health and longevity.

My body or skin heals quickly after an injury.

I read labels and intentionally avoid harmful products and foods in all aspects of my lifestyle.

I eat whole foods and avoid processed, junk, or fast foods.

I eat an 80% plant-based diet, with at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

I regularly consume extra greens as part of a daily supplement or smoothie routine.

I primarily eat organic foods, whether fresh, packaged, frozen, baked, or otherwise.

I take quality nutritional supplements (e.g., vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omegas).

I take a high quality collagen product.

My digestion and elimination are rarely uncomfortable.

I have regular bowel movements 2-3 times per day.

Regardless of what I eat, I rarely experience heartburn, indigestion, gas, or bloating.

Regardless of what I eat, I rarely experience constipation or diarrhea.

I am rarely bothered by what I eat and don’t have food sensitivities

I take/use fibre supplements or powder on a regular basis.

I take a quality food enzyme supplement on a regular basis.

I take a quality pro biotic supplement on a regular basis.

I am in a good mood and have a positive outlook most of the time.

I feel emotionally balanced and steady most of the time.

I do not experience persistent high levels of stress.

I am resilient. I handle stress well and recover quickly from stressful situations.

I rarely feel overly anxious, fearful, or overwhelmed.

I adapt quickly to interruptions and am not easily agitated or irritated.

I rarely experience excess worry or doubt and am not prone to overthinking things.

I am motivated and engage in the activities of my day with enthusiasm.

I have more than adequate energy throughout the day to get things done.

I recover quickly from any kind of activity or exercise and am not overly fatigued by it.

I do not require stimulants such as caffeine or energy drinks to start my day or get through the afternoon.

I do not experience noticeable afternoon fatigue – physically, mentally, or emotionally

My muscles are visibly toned.

My muscles feel strong and offer stable support.

I experience good muscle strength and endurance during physical activity or exercise.

My muscle recovery after exercise or activity is rapid. I do not have lingering fatigue.

My hair feels and acts healthy and does not fall out in excess.

My skin is toned, firm, hydrated, and appears supple and nourished.

My nails are strong and healthy.

I feel hormonally balanced.

I do not experience hot flashes or night sweats.

I have healthy reproductive organs and none have been surgically removed.

I experience healthy menstruation or menopause.

I maintain a healthy sex drive.

I do not experience frequent nighttime urination (get up 2x’s or more).

I have a strong immune system and rarely get sick.

If I do get sick, I recover quickly.

My immune system is considered healthy/in normal range per recent blood work.

I take quality supplements to target proper immunity.

My bones are healthy and strong.

My joints have good flexibility and I move with ease.

I am free from persistent aches and pains in my joints or back.

I take quality supplements to target proper inflammation.

I use natural solutions topically, when needed, to recover from physical activity.

I get good sustainable energy from what I eat.

Based on how quickly I get hungry after a good meal, I would assume I have a fast metabolism.

I exercise regularly and am active for at least 30 mins. 5 days per week.

I engage in strength and/or weight training at least 3 times per week.

I am not sedentary for more than 8 hours per day.

I fall asleep easily and don’t require non-natural support (e.g. meds) to do so.

I stay asleep through the entire night and don’t need extra support to do so.

I experience good quality sleep and average 7-8 hours per night.

I dream regularly.

I wake up feeling rested and renewed.

I am at what I consider to be my ideal weight.

I easily maintain my ideal weight and rarely need to adjust my diet or lifestyle to do so.

Come To Some Conclusions

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